Esports, the community way

Esports in Denmark Esports, the community way So you must think I can’t count, but actually, there’s a fourth way to esports – bootstrapping, the old-school-way of doing esports. This is more gaming-related and takes place when gamers in clans, guilds, or other gaming and esports communities (typically online – through a game client) join forces, create teams, and start entering tournaments and competitions together and/or with friends. You can easily create an

Esports, the sports club way

Esports in Denmark Esports, the sports club way Right now, esports are tapping into traditional sports clubs across Denmark. Nearly two million Danes are members of the 61 national federations that are a part of the Sports Confederation of Denmark. Football is the most popular sport with almost 350,000 members followed by golf and swimming. Gymnastics, handball, badminton, horseback riding, tennis and sailing are among other popular sports. Approximately 800,000 adult Danes and

Esports, the educational way

Esports in Denmark In Denmark, we are seeing more and more primary and secondary schools, as well as higher educational institutions, offering esports classes and courses. This puts esports directly in the educational curriculum. Esports courses are currently considered a sport or an extra-curricular subject. Different schools offer different esports courses, some of which have 200+ students and major classrooms with state-of-the-art-gaming setups specific for esports. Others offer advanced esports courses in gaming

Esports & Labor Skills

Esports & Labor Skills I have also analyzed some research and data on the effect of gaming on labor skills. I have always suspected a positive relationship between gaming skills and skills that could be applicable in other professional industries so I wanted to look more into it. I discovered that the research does suggest that video gaming can improve labor skills, however, the evidence on the effects on cognitive and motivational skills

What about money and huge prize pools in grassroots esports?

What about money and huge prize pools in grassroots esports? Personally, I do not like money or huge prize pools in grassroots esports for the simple reason that I have seen how players can enjoy playing just for the fun of it—the friendships, the experiences and the pride of winning. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to have prizes for the winners, best teams, best players, and all that. And prizes

Step 8: Stop!

9 Steps to start an esports club Step 8: Stop! Evaluate and adjust. As time goes by, you will find goals or plans need to be changed or completely replaced. Make sure you, on the board, talk about the success of what you do. For example, if it doesn’t make sense to make a big esports tournament, well, don’t do it. Do more of what works, and do less of what is difficult or

Esports, the commercial way

Esports in Denmark Esports, the commercial way In Denmark, we have three ways of doing esports. I’ll walk you through each one – it might be of inspiration to you and others.. This kind of esports is the “easy” kind; venture capitalists (VCs), businesses, brands and/or individual founders and business owners, join competencies, experience and capital, and create an esports organization. It typically contains at least one esports team, sometimes more. They form

A Case Study: DGI Esport in Denmark

A Case Study: DGI Esport in Denmark DGI is a national umbrella organization for more than 6,000 local sports associations and clubs in Denmark. The sports clubs represent more than 1.5 million active members and a wide array of activities including for example gymnastics, badminton, basketball, handball, shooting, volleyball, swimming, tennis and various martial arts. With 15 regional offices across the country, DGI covers all of Denmark as well as a small part

Should we be afraid of computer games and grassroots esports?

Should we be afraid of computer games and grassroots esports? The answer is simple, no. I believe in “everything in moderation”. It’s natural to fear new things, especially new technology. I have collected four anecdotes about new technology through the years and the skepticism around each one. The printed book In the 1500s a German goldsmith named Johnn Gutenberg invented a machine that changed the world: the printing press. The books and materials

Step 9: Keep going!

9 Steps to start an esports club Step 9: Keep going! Next up - operations and development! The months following the start of your esports club will include evaluation, customization and execution of your plans. In my esports association, it was important to first find the right format for training and practicing. We discussed and implemented the following: How to recruit the right coaches and managers (unpaid/volunteer) Customized meeting agendas New games, new

Q&A about esport with Martin Fritzen

Esports in Denmark Should grassroots sports organizations enter the esports field? And if so, what approach (including the types of activities) should be used? Yes, indeed. Esports fit really well with other sports clubs and grassroots sports organizations. What I have learned is that, it is all about relevancy. If you are a grassroots sports club, and you want to include esports, you’ll want to ask your local community for their input. Facilitate

A little about PEGI

A little about PEGI PEGI (Pan European Game Information) In Denmark we see the PEGI recommendations as that, recommendations, not law. This means that we have esports clubs, and schools, where they offer training in CS:GO for youngsters, below the PEGI recommended age. Why? I believe that people learn best through trial and error. How can we learn to master things, if we don’t actually try and fail? This allows kids and adults to