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Experienced freelance esports consultant. I help schools, companies, and governments to build profitable esports programs that positively transform people.


I build profitable esports programs that positively transform people

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How to build profitable esports programs that positively transform people.

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Learn all about esports funding. Get proven business models and strategies.


Learn how to build profitable esports programs that positively transform people

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Martin Fritzen
  • Do your company need help with the strategic framework within marketing and wonder how you should work with partnerships within esports or the gaming industry?

  • Do you want to build profitable esports or gaming programs and seek proven models?

  • Do you have a project, where you seek outside perspective & intellectual capital from an experienced gaming and esports program manager?

  • Do you want to know how gaming and esports programs can positively transform people?

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Martin Fritzen. Esports Consultant, author & speaker


Martin Fritzen was our guest speaker at our summit on esport. His presentation on how Denmark deals with esport was quite fascinating and a totally new approach to us. Martin’s proactive ideas and his experience in this field are of great value.

Georg Höfner, Sport Austria – Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation

I met Martin at the V4 Future Sports Conference back in 2019. Back then I was the organizer of the attendees and their professional presentation and I have to say the competence of Martin is unquestionable. He knows so much about the industry of esports, that adding him to any conference or lecture regarding the business of digital sports is a huge plus. Speaks and presents well and he is also a kind and curious person. Highly recommend working with him in any matter!

Oliver Szabella, Hungarian Esports Federation

Anyone who works with Martin or reads his books will understand the commercial mechanics in esports and get a ton of actionable insights to implement immediately.

Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer - Ninjas in Pyjamas

Martin and his books contain a fascinating and deeply personal insight into the world of esports that goes behind stereotypes and provides a good foundation for understanding how gaming can provide a framework for strong and committed communities.

Rune K. L. Nielsen, psychologist, Ph.D., associate professor of game psychology, IT University of Copenhagen
Martin Fritzen

A few selected clients

Martin Fritzen Esports Consultant

Martin Fritzen

M artin Fritzen is an esports entrepreneur and opinion leader who, in 2015, founded one of Europe’s biggest esports clubs, Sørby Esport.

From 2017 to 2020, he spearheaded all esports activities at DGI, a Danish sports organization with more than 6,500 sports clubs.

Today he is head of esports at the Danish Federation for Company Sports. Spearheading all esports activities in Danish workplaces, educational institutions, and local company sports associations.

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Learn how to build esports teams, organizations and sports clubs can create solid and profitable revenue streams to fun everything

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“Anyone who reads this will have a good understanding of the commercial mechanics in esports, and have a ton of actionable insights to implement right away. Great and informative book.” – Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating OfficerNinjas in Pyjamas