Esports Funding Guide (paperback)

Esports Funding Guide (paperback)


Esports Funding Guide, paperback. How esports teams, organizations and sports clubs can create solid and profitable revenue streams.

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Esports Funding Guide

How esports teams, organizations and sports clubs can create solid and profitable revenue streams and secure the operation and development of their esports activities.

This book is great for you if you are a part of a grassroots, amateur, new or up-and-coming esport team, sports club or organization – looking for proven principles and strategies to create profitable revenue streams, to support your esports activities. It exists to provide a wide range of working principals, ideas and suggestions of potential revenue streams so you can develop and run profitable esports teams and organizations. You will get a collection of successful experiences and strategies from successful esports organizations and ideas from esports and gaming industry leaders such as: Red Bull and Razer, to understand why and how they execute partnerships in esports.

Anyone who reads this will have a good understanding of the commercial mechanics in esports, and have a ton of actionable insights to implement right away. Great and informative book. – Jonas Gundersen, Chief Commercial Officer, NiP

  • 92 pages in English.
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About the author Martin Fritzen

Martin knows all about success in esports. He founded what is now one of the biggest esports organizations in Denmark with several teams and coaches, as well as hundreds of paying members and profitable revenue streams. He is now leading esports activities at DGI – a sports association in Denmark that works to better the conditions for more than 6,500 member sports clubs and their more than 1.5 million members.
For the last few years, he has heard the same question over and over, “How can we make money to develop and run our esports team or organization?” This book is based on years of experience building and creating sustainable esports organizations with relevant partnerships, as well as several years of talking with esports organizations and companies sponsoring esports.

”I hope this book will inspire you to think outside the box so you can begin to build profitable revenue streams and achieve your esports dreams.” – Martin Fritzen


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