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Martin Fritzen. Business growth officer. Author. Speaker and adviser.

Martin Fritzen

MMartin´s speaks reveals how esports fits traditional sports clubs and associations. How sports clubs can implement esport activities and gain new members, new sponsors, new volunteers, new media coverage, new energy and new activities.

About Martin Fritzen

Martin Fritzen is an esports entrepreneur and opinion leader who, in 2015, founded one of Europe’s biggest esports clubs, Sørby Esport. From 2017 to 2020, he spearheaded all esports activities at DGI, a Danish sports organization with more than 6,500 sports clubs. Today he is head of esports at the Danish Federation for Company Sports. Spearheading all esports activities in Danish workplaces, educational institutions, and local company sports associations.

Martin’s talks are dynamic, informative, enjoyable, and entertaining. Martin has a unique ability to tailor-make each talk for his audience. He presents a series of real-life experiences, great ideas, and strategies mixed with facts, insights, and practical proofs-of-concept that listeners can apply immediately to work with grassroots esports.

Speaking. For several years Martin has traveled in Denmark and abroad and shared his experiences with the positive benefits of gaming and esports. With a special unique focus on; social learning, communities and personal development.

Speaking topics


  • Finances: How to develop healthy economy and finances in grassroots esports
  • Sponsors: How to develop profitable partner and sponsor relations in grassroots esports
  • Marketing: How to develop ROI effective marketing strategies, in grassroots esports
  • Sales: How to develop profitabel sales plans and strategies, in grassroots esports


  • Health: How to develop healthy psychological and physical activities in grassroots esports
  • Ethics: How to develop responsible ethical strategies in grassroots esports
  • Gender: How to develop positive gender strategies, so both male and female will thrive in grassroots esports
  • Social: How to develop social science strategies, and work with hard-to-reach-target groups, in grassroots esports


  • Guide: How to develop esport activities in sports clubs
  • Sponsors: How to develop profitable partner and sponsor relations in grassroots esports
  • Talent: How to develop talent development strategies, and work with high performing teams, in grassroots esports
  • Performance: How to develop performance models, and create high performing players, coaches and teams, in grassroots esports

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Learn how to build esports teams, organizations and sports clubs can create solid and profitable revenue streams to fun everything

how to build and fund esports organizations

“Anyone who reads this will have a good understanding of the commercial mechanics in esports, and have a ton of actionable insights to implement right away. Great and informative book.” – Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating OfficerNinjas in Pyjamas