Now I want to share my personal experiences from building a grassroots esports club. Let´s go!

This guide is based on my experiences from founding and being chairman of the board at an esport association in Denmark. The esports association is one of the biggest esports club in Denmark, with 250+ paying members and 70+ volunteer trainers and managers, as of January 2018.

Why start an esports club or association?

I love sports clubs! I grew up close to my local football club. You could even say I lived there most days of the week playing football, making friends, having fun and improving my football skills. I never wanted to become the world’s best football player — that was for someone else. I just loved my friends, the practices, games, trips, boot camps, fights, wins and, maybe not as much, but our losses too. Oh, and it did not hurt that I met my first girlfriend through my football team.

Sports clubs create a space for people to grow, to develop self-worth, to find a sense of meaning in life, to create friendships and relationships and – yeah – love.

This is why esports fit perfectly into existing sports clubs and why it makes sense to start up an esports club. An esports club creates the framework for friendships to grow and allows people to gain recognition, respect and confidence. People develop personal and social skills, while learning and improving their esports talent.

I believe in human potential

When people ask me, “Why did you start the esport association and work with esports on a daily basis?” My answer is this, “Esports create recognition and respect.  It develops people and helps to trigger talent and potential. This is why I work with esports: I believe in releasing human potential”.

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