Strategic Esports Solutions

Unlocking Esports Potential: Tailored solutions addressing your unique challenges to harness the dynamic power of esports.

Educational Institutions

Unleash esports to revitalize curricula and engage a new generation.

National Sports Associations

Transform traditional paradigms, boosting membership with esports synergy.

Commercial B2B Companies

Innovate and penetrate the thriving esports market with tailored strategies.

NGOs, Governments, and Municipalities

Drive community engagement and inclusivity through esports-centered initiatives.

Services to
Universities & Colleges

Tailored esports strategies enhancing academic excellence and student engagement.

Program Development

Comprehensive guidance on creating and managing a successful esports program. From the planning phase to execution, I provide strategies tailored to each institution’s unique needs.

Academic Integration

Harness the power of esports to boost academic performance. I’ll show you how to effectively merge esports and education to benefit students and faculty alike.

Student Success

Leveraging esports for overall student well-being. By incorporating health, wellness, and personal development strategies into esports programs, we can contribute to student success both in and out of the game.

Community Engagement

Build a strong and vibrant esports community on your campus. I’ll provide strategies to foster engagement among students, faculty, staff, and the local community.

Revenue Sustainability

Turn your esports program into a sustainable revenue source. I’ll help you identify and capitalize on opportunities for fundraising, sponsorships, and partnerships.

Facilities & Technology

Navigating the complex landscape of esports facilities and technology. I’ll guide you through the process of creating a state-of-the-art gaming space that meets the needs of your students and your institution.

Institutional Distinction

Elevate your institution’s reputation through esports. By establishing a strong and successful esports program, you can distinguish your institution from others and attract talented students and faculty.

Marketing Strategy

Maximize your program’s visibility and appeal. I will equip you with effective marketing strategies tailored for the esports realm, ensuring your institution stands out, draws interest, and continually engages its target audience in the competitive landscape.

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Insights from esteemed colleagues and partners. Delve into perspectives and testimonials from esteemed colleagues, partners, and industry peers who have collaborated closely with me on various esports initiatives and projects. Their insights provide a window into the dedication, expertise, and strategic acumen I bring to the table.

Anyone who works with Martin or reads his books will understand the commercial mechanics in esports and get a ton of actionable insights to implement immediately.


Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer - Ninjas in Pyjamas

Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer – Ninjas in Pyjamas

Martin and his books contain a fascinating and deeply personal insight into the world of esports that goes behind stereotypes and provides a good foundation for understanding how gaming can provide a framework for strong and committed communities.


C:\Users\Martin\Desktop\2023-08-20 07_41_28-Rune K. L. Nielsen, psychologist, Ph.D., associate professor of game psychology,.png

Rune K. L. Nielsen, psychologist, Ph.D., associate professor of game psychology, IT University of Copenhagen

My session with Martin gave me a newfound appreciation for the impact relationships can have on the esports space you are trying to create, and he provided some very helpful resources to utilize as well! He came alongside me in my passion for my esports program & made me excited to see its new potential in growth & sustainability!

Zachariah Lail

Zachariah Lail, Varsity Esports Program Manager, Huntington University

Martin Fritzen was our guest speaker at our summit on esport. His presentation on how Denmark deals with esport was quite fascinating and a totally new approach to us. Martin’s proactive ideas and his experience in this field are of great value.



I met Martin at the V4 Future Sports Conference back in 2019. Back then I was the organizer of the attendees and their professional presentation and I have to say the competence of Martin is unquestionable. He knows so much about the industry of esports, that adding him to any conference or lecture regarding the business of digital sports is a huge plus. Speaks and presents well and he is also a kind and curious person. Highly recommend working with him in any matter!

Oliver Szabella, Hungarian Esports Federation

Oliver Szabella, Hungarian Esports Federation

Martin Fritzen

Through my writings, I share my deep understanding of esports funding, offer a blueprint for a successful esports organization, explore the profound impact of esports on individuals, and provide a detailed roadmap to introduce esports to university campuses.

Esports funding guide

How esports teams, organizations and sports clubs can create solid, profitable revenue streams to secure the operation and development of their esports activities.

The Successful Esports Organization

This book is designed to give you the blueprint on how to build and fund an esport organization

How Esports Transforms People

Theories. Evidence and Real-Life Experiences

Leveling up campus life

A comprehensive guide to implementing esports at Universities

It’s not just about strategies,
It’s about ‘YOUR VISION’!

Engage with my expertise to transform your aspirations into a successful esports initiative, ensuring you reach your goals in the dynamic gaming landscape.

Martin Fritzen

Some Brands We Work With

We’re proud to empower esports success alongside these esteemed institutions.

Services to
National Sports Associations

Incorporate esports to regain members, enhance tech prowess, boost PR, unlock sponsorships, diversify activities, and engage untapped audiences. Transform exclusion to inclusion. Seize the future now.

Esports Implementation Strategy

Guide associations seamlessly into the world of esports, ensuring they stay relevant and appealing to younger audiences.

Member Retention and Growth

Use esports as a bridge, attracting both traditional athletes and esports enthusiasts, while reducing member attrition.

Digital Transformation

Equip associations with the knowledge and tools to effectively incorporate modern tech and digital solutions, improving their operational efficiency.

Inclusive Engagement

Broaden the membership base, ensuring that both elite athletes and those less traditionally engaged (including those who might be perceived as ‘less athletic’) are included.

Sponsorship & Partnership Development

Equip associations with proven strategies and insights to navigate the esports ecosystem, empowering them to forge valuable collaborations for financial growth and sustainability.

Esports Education and Training

Provide tailored training for members, ensuring they understand and can capitalize on the unique nuances of esports.

Community and Fan Engagement

Design strategies to create a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere around esports, fostering loyalty and excitement among fans.

Branding and PR

Craft compelling narratives that highlight the association’s foray into esports, ensuring positive public perception and increased brand equity.

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Martin Fritzen

It’s not merely strategy,
It’s ‘YOUR AMBITION’ realized!

Harness my expertise to turn your esports aspirations into tangible successes, navigating the ever-evolving gaming arena confidently.

Services to
Commercial B2B Companies

Navigate market entry, create engaging content, tailor products for gamers, master esports marketing, and unlock influential partnerships. Dive into unparalleled growth.

Market Analysis & Entry

I’ll guide you in understanding the esports landscape, highlighting potential opportunities, and creating a solid entry strategy tailored to your business’s strengths.

Brand Integration & Promotion

Harness esports to elevate your brand visibility. I will show you how to integrate your brand authentically within the esports community to create a lasting impact and drive loyalty.

Business Development & Growth

Identify and seize growth opportunities in the esports sector. I’ll help strategize and optimize your B2B operations, partnerships, and revenue channels within the gaming arena.

Product & Service Adaptation

Tailor your offerings to resonate with the esports audience. With my guidance, refine and innovate your products or services to match the specific demands and nuances of the esports market.

Networking & Partnership Strategies

Maximize your business’s reach by connecting with the right partners. I’ll provide strategies to identify, approach, and foster valuable B2B relationships within the esports ecosystem.

Content Strategy & Monetization

Ensure your content hits the mark. I’ll assist in crafting compelling content strategies that not only engage but also monetize effectively in the esports context.

Digital Transformation & Tech Integration

Stay ahead of the curve. I’ll help you understand and integrate the latest technologies and digital solutions relevant to esports, ensuring your business remains competitive and efficient.

Event Sponsorship & Activation

Make the most of esports events. I’ll equip you with strategies to select, negotiate, and activate sponsorships effectively, ensuring a high ROI and brand resonance in the esports community.

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It’s more than just strategy,
It’s ‘YOUR AMBITION’ brought to life!

Leverage my expertise to transform your esports dreams into concrete achievements, confidently maneuvering the dynamic gaming landscape.

Martin Fritzen

Services to
NGOs, Governments, and Municipalities

Shape esports legislation, drive community involvement, launch impactful initiatives, and illuminate esports’ potential. Ready to revolutionize?

Strategic Community Engagement

Offer insights and strategies to NGOs, governments, and municipalities on how they can effectively leverage esports for community outreach and unity.

Policy Advisory

Provide expert advice on crafting esports policies that ensure ethical standards, promote fair competition, and protect participants.

Capacity Building Workshops

Conduct workshops, talks, and seminars to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of staff, empowering them to tap into the esports domain proficiently.

Facility Development Consultation

Advise on the planning and optimization of esports-centric facilities, ensuring they meet the needs of the local community and are conducive to both competitive and recreational gaming.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Share proven strategies on how esports can be utilized as an effective tool for promoting inclusivity and diversity within communities.

Economic Impact Seminars

Deliver seminars on the potential economic benefits of esports, guiding them in harnessing the sector for local economic growth.

Awareness Campaign Strategy

Offer insights on crafting impactful public relations campaigns around esports, sharing experiences on addressing misconceptions and highlighting benefits.

Collaborative Strategy Workshops

Lead workshops on fostering collaborations within the esports sector, sharing strategies to ensure harmonized efforts between the public, private, and civil sectors.

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Esports Programs Supervised


Funds Raised


People Influenced

Martin Fritzen

1st Approach We Follow

1st Step: Discovery & Alignment

Before anything else, I invest in understanding your vision, your challenges, and the objectives you’re aiming for. By gathering insights directly from your team and aligning them with the vast possibilities esports offers, we ensure that our collaboration is built on a foundation of mutual trust and clear direction.

2nd Approach We Follow

2nd Step: Tailored Roadmap Development

No two organizations are the same, and neither should be their esports strategies. Drawing upon my extensive experience, I craft a bespoke roadmap for our journey. This involves transparent communication about budget considerations, stakeholder engagement, pivotal milestones, and the broader vision. Every detail is carefully curated to align with your unique needs and aspirations.

Martin Fritzen
Martin Fritzen

3rd Approach We Follow

3rd Step: Hands-on Guidance & Collaborative Execution

Your success is my success. As we set our plans in motion, I remain deeply involved, providing continuous guidance and ensuring each decision resonates with our established goals. Think of me not just as a consultant, but as a dedicated partner in this journey. Together, with collaboration at the heart of our endeavors, we’ll navigate the esports landscape and transform your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Martin Fritzen
Martin Fritzen

Esports Strategy Consultant

Empower NGOs, Schools, Governments & Clubs

Esports insights transforming schools, NGOs, governments, and clubs globally

In every step you take toward success, I’m right there beside you, celebrating each achievement and navigating every challenge. Because when you thrive, it’s a shared victory.

Martin Fritzen – Esports Strategy Consultant

Martin Fritzen