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PEGI (Pan European Game Information)

In Denmark we see the PEGI recommendations as that, recommendations, not law. This means that we have esports clubs, and schools, where they offer training in CS:GO for youngsters, below the PEGI recommended age. Why?

I believe that people learn best through trial and error. How can we learn to master things, if we don’t actually try and fail? This allows kids and adults to build skills, competencies and learning about persistence. In our schools and sports clubs we can offer good educated trainers, managers, coaches, teachers and leaders who can educate our players. This way, our players learn even when below the PEGI recommended age, how to communicate; how to handle pressure inside and outside the game; how to be a good teammate; and how to behave respectfully towards the game, the team, managers, parents and other players. This positive behavior transfers outside the esports club and schools to homes, families, and friends.

By educating our players, we can help them develop great behavior both when gaming and in their private lives, which we have seen helps players gain new friends and become more social and positive in school.

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