What can you offer a new partner?

Show your brand identity

It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s also true that books are often recognized by their cover. Whether you are dealing with a small team, or international competition, you cannot introduce yourself with an inaccurate image. Invest your time and resources on a logo design and a visual identity that fits your DNA.

Create different levels or packages of partnerships

Remember, looking for a partner has nothing to do with asking for money. When dealing with partnerships, it is necessary to have a clear budget so that you can split it into partnership packages. These packages will be able to tell you, and your partners, that you have a well thought out pan. Your potential partners will understand why you need X amount of money to reach your goals for the next three years.

You can create different levels and packages and sell them to different kinds of partners in order to reach your goals. Obviously, a high-profile partnership will pay more and will consequently receive more marketing benefits from you. At the same time, partners that provide less support (either financially or in services) must be aware that they will receive less advertising from you.

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