How to create partnership material

Be simple and intelligent when you create the presentation of your esports organization, the marketing products and services, as well as the partnerships that you offer potential partners.

Your presentation could have:

A cover page

The first slide of any presentation should be a creative and powerful cover page that you can use to introduce the presentation either at a meeting of a skype call. It will look great, and it will give you time to present yourself and your management team. Include a picture that appropriately communicates your vision, mission statement, and values.

About your management team

This is the slide where you present yourself and your management team. Use great pictures here, while including just a bit of text. You do not want people to “sit and read” your slides, you want them to look at pictures, feel engaged, and most importantly to listen to you. Make your management team look good and communicate brilliance and trust.

About your esports organization

This is the slide where you tell the story of your organization. Who are you, what do you do, where do you want to go, why should we believe you will succeed and how are you unique? Explain what you do and how you do it. What kind of teams, players, influencers, or streamers do you work with?


List the esports achievements your players and teams have achieved.


List the esports goals you are working to accomplish.


Include a timeline for your organization explaining how your organization and leadership has developed while focusing on stability and growth.

Show your products and how you can activate your community and bring value to partners:

Local partner activation (events, tournaments, viewing parties, collegiate esports, local social media, local website, local venue brand placement, local player or influencer marketing, event merchandise giveaways, as well as whatever you can offer a partner locally).

Global partner activations

(Live stream placements, global social media, global website, chat bot messaging and links, sponsored video content, giveaways, online tournement partnerships, endorsements, quotes, as well as whatever you have to offer a partner globally).

Social media analytics

Show the data from your social media per channel (followers, engagement, reach and other KPIs relevant to your organization and your channels. KPIs vary from channel to channel so make sure you only use KPIs that brings value to the partner.

What are you looking for?

Peripherals that will make your players better?

Monetary partnerships and activation?


Who can a partner reach when working with you? Which audience can you present to potential partners? Gamers, boys, girls, men, women, age, cities, countries, passions, etc.? Make sure you understand which audience and target groups partners can connect with by partnering with you.


Make sure that you are coming up with specific initiatives that are focused on delivering results and solving the partners’ problem(s). Really creative initiatives that don’t achieve the intended purpose are a waste of everyone’s time. For example: if a partner is looking for great, creative content for activating their brand and gaining reach, you can create and promote videos like this: If the partner is looking for sales depending on the size of your business, you can offer collaborations like this:

Case studies

If you can, show a case where one of your partners shares the story about why they are your partner, what kind of partnership this is, and what value they gain from the partnership.

Show logo placements from shirts, streams, social media, websites and more, so partners can imagine what a partnership with your organization looks like.

Show media activations, if you have any video content, podcasts, graphics, streams or anything, where you have worked with a partner, put that in, to visualize how it can be.

If possible, show event activations. How have you worked with partners at events? Do you have any pictures or videos that will make the partner look good?

Show how you have advertised a partner on live streams. How it looked, how many viewers tuned in, as well as the engagement.

All in all: in the presentation, you want to visualize how the potential partner will look amazing when working with your esports organization. Also, it is very important to create case studies and have pictures and video content whenever you do a partnership so you can continue to add valuable content to your case study portfolio.

Case studies will help potential partners feel safe and visualize themselves achieving success when working with you and your esports organization.


Put in (anonymous) data from previous partnerships to show how you measure partnerships. Include data such as “clicks”, “viewers”, “engagement”, “visitors”, “sales” – or whatever KPI you’ve decided to use. This data will show that you know what you are doing and will build trust, so the partner feels that you understand that data-based ROI measurement is important.

Business opportunity

Make sure that you sum up the business opportunity for the partner. Present the solutions, products and services that fit the partner’s needs that you discovered during the previous phone call or previous meetings. What is the price to pay and what do you estimate the ROI will be?

Partner management

Align expectations and agree on KPIs that will define the success of the partnership with the partner. Explain how you will follow up and report on agreed KPIs. Understand how you can keep the partner happy. Ask the question: “When we look 12 months ahead, and you are extremely happy with the partnership – what did we do together?”. That will make the partner reflect on “What is success to me?”, and he or she will give you all the key ingredients for you to achieve that success in the partnership.

Contact details

Yes, sometimes people build presentations and forget to include names, roles and contact details. Remember to include such information so the partner can always have it on record.

Esports organization presentation example

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