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This is what your company aspires to be which can be quite different from what your company is actually doing (your mission statement). When done right, your vision statement can and should help drive decisions and goals in your company. Here are some examples of some good vision statements:

  • Fnatic’s vision is to bring eSports into every household. Founded by Sam and Anne Mathews in 2004 in the early days of the professional video gaming industry, Fnatic has since helped shape the new world sport into a fast-growing phenomenon.
  • At its core are Fnatic’s talented professional gamers, who have won thousands of tournaments and inspired a community of tens of millions of fans. (Source:
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas aims to be the world’s leading esports organization, both inside and outside the game. The term “NiP Standard” shall be synonymous with superior quality, professionalism and sound integrity

Your job now is to create the vision statement, for your esports organization.

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