There are a number of different funds that provide subsidies to organizations and to promote, among other things, sporting, and popular cultural initiatives. All approved organizations have the option to apply for various forms of financial support for new activities, projects and equipment purchases. Use Google to find funds and grants at the local, regional, national and international levels, and start applying for the ones that best suit your organization’s needs.

Local fundraising

Municipality Grants

There are major differences in how and to what extent various municipalities provide support to an organization. Your organization should therefore arrange a meeting with your municipality to gain more information on which pools and subsidy schemes to which your organization can apply. It is important to investigate whether your organization can expect a continuous grant from the municipality or can only apply for grants in the form of lump sums. Some municipalities choose to sponsor organizations through their marketing budget, an opportunity you should consider.

Municipal grant – organization facilities

Some municipalities provide subsidies for an organization’s facilities. They may issue grants for the purchase of equipment or grants for remodeling costs among other expenses. Contact your municipality and find out if your organization is able to apply for grants for facilities and how to complete the process.

Experimental and development funds

Some municipalities have an experimental and development pool that issues grants for the development of new initiatives in the municipality and in some cases for the start-up costs of new organizations. Contact your municipality for more information on the various subsidy options for organizations.

Activity funds

Some municipalities have so-called activity funds and provide support for the development of new and different activities as well as active participation in cultural and leisure activities. Contact your municipality and learn more about whether your organization can benefit from activity funds.

Municipal grants for coaching & management training

Approved organizations can sometimes apply for municipal grants for the training of managers and instructors and get reimbursed for expenses related to course activities.

There are several different funds that provide subsidies for organizations and to promote, among other things, sporting, and popular cultural initiatives. All approved organizations have the option to apply for various funds for financial support for new activities, projects and equipment purchases for example.

Although there are many funds to choose from immediately, there are also many applicants and it is difficult to find the right fit. It is therefore important that you and your organization correctly handle the research process and thoroughly prepare before applying.

10 step guide to apply for grants and funds

1. Start in time

It is important to apply for grants at the proper time. Grants are typically given out annually and generally only support current and future initiatives, not past projects.

Remember that your project must be a non-profit, accessible to many and beneficial to society overall.

2. Prepare yourself thoroughly

Be prepared and describe your organization and its purpose. What idea or vision have you built the organization on? What makes your organization different? What do you want to achieve with organization? Make sure you have a strong message and let your passion for your project shine through.

3. Develop a realistic budget

A transparent and realistic budget is crucial when seeking funds or financial grants. If a fund invests money in your project, both parties need to know exactly where the money goes. Show that any financial subsidy will be used purposefully and with care.

4. Find strong partners

It is important to have strong partners as they can act as a stamp of quality and approval to the fund. Consider whom you can work with and who can contribute to your project. Is it relevant to involve the municipality, other organizations, schools or companies?

5. Use your network

Map your contacts. Who do you know and how can they help you? Do you know someone sitting on the board of a fund? Do you know someone who has experience with fundraising? Do you know someone who understands finances and can help prepare a financial plan? Use your entire network: old classmates, colleagues, Facebook friends and parents of your children’s friends are a few great examples of where to look for assistance.

6. Select relevant funds

Use various databases, manuals and the Internet to find relevant funds. Search for keywords related to your project. Learn what type of projects the selected funds have previously provided grants for and what types of projects and activities they do NOT support. Evaluate whether your project is within the focus areas of the fund.

7. Start a dialogue

Are you looking for a fund that has a secretary and/or phone number? If so, take advantage of it. Call and get answers to your questions. Present your idea and get advice and guidance on your application. Ask in advance if your project is eligible for the grant before you apply.

8. Tailor your application

Do not submit a generic application to all funds. Make sure that at least 20% of your application is targeted to a specific fund. Target your application based on the fund’s special values ​​and priorities. For example, find key words and values on the fund’s website and use them in your application if possible. This shows that you have gone the extra mile and created a unique application for their grant.

9. Double check your application

Did you forget anything? Remember that your application must include information about the purpose of the project, activities and supposed results. Include information about your audience and how you want to market the project to the target audience. Remember to include the project budget and financing plan.

10. Give thanks and follow up

If a fund chooses to support you project, thank the fund and build the way for further cooperation. Keep the fund up-to-date when you hit milestones and grow, and show how the fund’s contribution has made a difference for your esports team. You can also invite representatives from the fund to opening day or other activities. If necessary, send a mid-term evaluation preferably with pictures or video so that the fund can see exactly for what purposes you have used their money.

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