Esports Funding Guide – Inspiration from the esports industry: Red Bull

Insights and advice from talks with Andreas Bjerrum Larsen & Kasper Kjempff, Red Bull Denmark.

“8 pointers to consider before contacting a potential partner” – from my talks with Andreas and Kasper at Red Bull Denmark.

1) Who are you and why are you unique?

Describe who you are as a human being, what are you passionate about, what is your inner motivation and explain why you, your esports team or organization is unique. What do you do that no one else is doing (compared to all the other 400 million English-speaking gamers in the world)?

2) Who is your management?

Describe who your team / management is – what is their passion? What have they achieved before? Why are they unique and how are you strong together? How do you supplement each other?

3) What is your vision?

Describe what your vision is. Which journey do you want the potential partner to be a part of? What are your dreams and where do you want to go and why?

4) What goals do you have?

Describe what goals you have. How will you work with your vision to achieve your goals?

5) What do you do?

Describe what you have invested in the team, organization and yourself. What have you done so far, to achieve your visions and goals (time, money and resources)?

6) What are others doing?

Describe what others have invested in the team, organization and yourself. What have other people or partners done so far to achieve your visions and goals (time, money and resources)?

7) Why are you writing to Red Bull?

Explain why you write to Red Bull as a potential partner (rather than other brands).

8) How do you think Red Bull can contribute?

Describe how you think Red Bull can join your journey and together, create a meaningful partnership for both you and Red Bull.

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