The first thing you should do is ask yourself the following question, “Why do I want to start an esports club?”

Next, go somewhere where you can find inspiration and think of ideas (Note, you do not have to find the “right” answer, just brainstorm so you get an idea of what you will build – and how to do it). Ask yourself again, “Why start an esports association?” and consider the following:

  • What are your goals?
  • What are the values you will work from?
  • What is your mission and vision for the club?
  • Who do you know who also knows about esports?
  • Do you want to form a locally based club, an online club or a hybrid?
  • Which location will the club members play at?
  • What equipment should the members play on?
  • What games will the members play?
  • How do you find trainers to coach members?
  • How do you find a board of directors for the esports association?
  • How do you find sponsors and economic and legal assistance?
  • How do you find competent people to work with?

Thorough preparation is half of the work! The biggest mistake I made when starting up an esports club was thinking I could do everything myself. Once I started to involve other people, who also loved esports, and each working in their field of expertise (sales, marketing, HR, law, administration, gaming and finance) things started to accelerate really fast.

I can also advise in finding board members, team leaders and managers who come from outside the esports and gaming communities. These people create great value by asking questions and suggesting ideas that gamers do not.

Great! Now you have a game plan.

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