Step 2: Get in touch with people

Here there are two ways to go:

1) You are already in a traditional sports club playing tennis, running or doing other cool activities. If so, you should set up a meeting with the club manager or board members and present your game plan. Ask if the sports club is interested in you starting up an esports division within the club.

This is a good way to build an esports club, because you start with an already existing platform, brand, name, colors and have access to a board, accountant, bank, sponsors and so on. Oh, and usually a new esports division provides great press, new members and new energy to a traditional sports club. Traditional sports clubs can also have difficulties attracting or maintaining teenage boys and esports can help.

2) If you are not associated with any club, I would suggest that you contact your local sports club, and present them with your game plan. You could also start up your own esports club, with no association to a club.

I believe that being associated with a local sports club, due to the benefits listed above, is the best option. If you want to start from scratch, contact your local government or municipality, set up a meeting and present them with your game plan. You want to learn how they can assist you in creating an esports club, which grants you can apply for, and if they can help you find locations, equipment, computers and so on. Most cities in the world, offer some assistance when citizens want to start up social, cultural and/or sport-initiatives.

Now you know how to start an esports division with an existing sports club or on your own. You have met with both sports clubs and the local government, to understand how to do so. You know which legal permits you need and how to officially register the esports club, so you can apply for funding, grants and receive other social assistance from your city.

Fantastic! Now all the paperwork is done, let’s move on.

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