Step 4: Setting goals

Right, with the board in place, and your newly formed framework, you are ready to start working on setting goals and operationalizing your plan. See the framework and plan as dynamic and remember that in just six months (or even less) there may be a lot of changes and it may require you to re-do some parts.

Here are some suggestions for goals:

  • We will offer training in xx game, starting on xx date
  • We will associate xx number of coaches to xx game, starting on xx date
  • We will be xx number of members, by xx date
  • We want sponsorship income for xx amount by xx date
  • We want an active website, Facebook page, or Twitch by xx date
  • We will stream xx times a week, starting on xx date
  • We need xx players participating in xx tournaments, xx times this year
  • We will host xx number of our own events this year – and attend xx number of others’ events.

Being specific like this forces you and your board to become detail oriented. This ensures that fewer mistakes are made and maximizes your chance for success. Try using “Smart” as a mnemonic device to remember the kinds of goals you should set for yourself: S, specific; M, measurable; A, achievable; R, realistic; T, timely.

Way to go! Now you have specific goals to work with.

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