Step 5: Strategize!

By this point your board has made a game plan and set relevant goals. Now you need to make a strategy for how to achieve these goals.

A strategy can contain the answers to these questions:

  • How do you select which games you want the group to be trained in?
  • How do you find coaches for the relevant games? (Be specific here)
  • How do you find partners, sponsors, finances, a location, equipment, etc.?
  • How do you create marketing material and tell stories about your activities?
  • How do you secure a steady increase in members?
  • How do you deal with legal requirements in player contracts, partnerships and events?
  • How and which events will you attend? (If this is a goal)
  • What is your strategy for amateurs and elite players in your club?
  • How do you establish partnerships with schools, municipalities, regions, parents and others?

This might sound similar to the other points, but the fun part is that when the board starts discussing strategy, you will find subjects that are discarded, and others that you will work more in depth with.

The biggest mistake I made was not working close enough with the members’ parents and not working close enough with schools. Also a recurring question we asked ourselves was, “Do we want to pay (with money) members to play for our club?” Another strategic question is “Do you want to pay the members’ tournament-fees?” This question came up frequently for us.

When you have figured out how you will work on these matters, you have the first strategy in place for your esports club! Amazing, great job!

You are ready to hand out tasks and start working!

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