Step 6: Who is doing what and when?

Let’s make an operational plan. Your board has created a strategy for achieving your goals based on your game plan, values, mission, vision and general ideas.

Now it is about putting it into action. The board should compile and prepare an operational plan for who is responsible for each task and by a certain deadline.

The operational plan has the answers to the following:

  • Who is responsible for creating sponsorship agreements and by what date?
  • Who is responsible for associating xx trainers to xx games, and by what date?
  • Who establishes cooperation/meetings with schools, municipalities, regions, etc. by what date?
  • Who is responsible for creating a website, Facebook page, marketing material, etc. by what date.
  • Who is responsible for establishing premises, equipment, uniforms, etc. by what date?

In short, allocate responsibility and deadlines for the goals you want to achieve.

Let me highlight that, no, you will not be able do everything on your list perfectly. Start with the things that are easiest for you and the board to do. Make mistakes, correct them, get better, listen to your board and your members and ask them what they want and how they feel, and work from there. Always improve and correct your mistakes along the way. Always be curious and interested in how you can make the club better.

However, hey, great job! Now you have an operational plan for your goals!

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