9 Steps to start an esports club

Step 7: Let´s Gooooo!

Now your board has prepared everything as thoroughly as possible. You have competent people; you have a plan, goals, and strategies and have divided responsibilities and deadlines.

So now it’s about executing the plan. Esports clubs have many stakeholders and therefore you may find that many people want to meet and talk about what you are doing.

Most municipalities and regions are interested in supporting esports in some way. The same goes for most youth and higher education programs such as IT, DATA, and technology education. Media and local businesses are also interested in local sports/cultural activities.

Martin Fritzen

Gaming and esport project manager, keynote speaker and adviser. I develop and implement esport activities with grassroots sport organisations. Bringing new members, new sponsors, new activities and media coverage for grassroots sports clubs.


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    how to build and fund esports organizations

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