9 Steps to start an esports club

Step 8: Stop!

Evaluate and adjust.

As time goes by, you will find goals or plans need to be changed or completely replaced. Make sure you, on the board, talk about the success of what you do. For example, if it doesn’t make sense to make a big esports tournament, well, don’t do it. Do more of what works, and do less of what is difficult or unsuccessful.

My success at the esports association was partly because everyone working there was volunteering and, not to mention, worked very hard every week to create the best possible results. Most importantly, they wanted to provide the members with the best possible esports experience.


Now you have a working esports club with a functioning board, paying members, active coaches, valued partners, sponsors and interested schools and parents. You offer online/onsite local training in xx games, xx times a week. Maybe you offer esports tournaments open to local gamers? Maybe you offer bigger esports events, where people travel longer distances to participate? Maybe you offer your members online/onsite tournaments? Maybe you offer esports boot camps, summer camps or summer school, where you teach subjects like esports communication, team building, diet and health, how to behave and act online, game tactics and other amazing stuff! Great job! Things are working out for you!

Sooo, what now?

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