Step 9: Keep going!

Next up – operations and development! The months following the start of your esports club will include evaluation, customization and execution of your plans. In my esports association, it was important to first find the right format for training and practicing.

We discussed and implemented the following:

  • How to recruit the right coaches and managers (unpaid/volunteer)
  • Customized meeting agendas
  • New games, new coaches and the creation of local tournaments
  • Constant focus on establishing collaboration with partners that matched the strategy of the club
  • Strong focus on our finances and growth
  • To promote communities, friendships and human development
  • Ensure that our coaches, managers and board are happy, even though unpaid
  • Ensure that our members feel happy and heard

And a lot of other stuff, I can’t remember.

Contact with the members, team leaders, coaches and trainers is extremely important. Ask them what they think and want. Ongoing evaluation and customization provides value and ensures that the association/club keeps momentum and optimizes time and resources on the relevant things.

I believe in working closely with media and journalists as well. You can get great media coverage in traditional media as well as more modern forms. Make sure you set up streams and find engaging casters to build an audience for your club. And make sure you have great social media reach, and build quality content, articles, newsletters, player profiles, team profiles, board profiles, and share game results. Invite the media to practices, tournaments, and boot/summer camps. This will give you massive coverage, increase your member base and attract sponsors.

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