Gambling, skin betting, casinos, betting, money, wins, losses – are all words we see as a part of our esports world. In Denmark we (at DGI) work closely with The Danish Gambling Authority and the National Center for Gambling Addiction to ensure that we provide a large amount of information, education, training and courses to esports clubs, parents, managers, coaches, schools – and of course, the players themselves. Our intention is to create a strong and safe esports environment, for our players to excel within.

So, you might think that we, Danes, are liberal and free, in our approach towards PEGI and its recommendations. But, in fact, we have seen and learned, that we can do a heck of a lot more to help, guide and educate schools, esports clubs, players, parents and managers, by having them organized in schools and clubs, instead of having everyone sitting at home alone.

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